Human Resource Management System

With a wide range of capabilities for Small, Midsized and Large Business 1HRMS will upgrade the way your employee works.

As the businesses are growing, startups are becoming small and medium enterprises. A jump in scale of operations also means hiring more people to run those operations smoothly. Human Resource activities include all the important HR functions from Entry till Exit. 1HRMS Solutions that provide tremendous help to HR Professionals in managing HR Activities covering the entire employee lifecycle.,

Human resource management is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with the management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and the system.

Customize and manage our HRMS full-featured, flexible solutions to meet your organization's needs.

Track and manage each employee's available time-off and vacation dates, and also define the prerequisites for adding an employee.

Maintain roles and privileges for various employee groups within your organization.

A fully-equipped performance appraisal module allows managers to assess employees' performance over a specific period of time and empowers organizations to build their own appraisal process.

Managers can define future training needs and provide the employee with a benchmark for objectives.

Maximize your organization’s Project performance. Efficiently manage and accurately track time-off details.

Empower managers with the ability to view, modify team member details, and customize & generate projects’ reports.

Put an end to time-consuming Project Task Tracking and paperwork by allowing employees to access and fill the task works information System.

Centralized leaves summary of all employees enabling you to view employees leave information.

Determine leave calendar for holiday groups and associate them with employees individually.

Centralized leaves summary of all employees enabling you to view employees leave information.

Define time-off options for a department or an entire business unit. Determine weekends, work hours, transfer requests, and so much more.

Centralized summary allows the privileged users to view each employee's available time-off and vacation dates